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For a long time, we've been and remain a trusted FTTx (Fibre to the x)  installer for many telecommunications companies looking to expand or implement this system which has long proven to be the standard of instantaneous and efficient route for communication.


Although it is not a fragile medium, optical-fiber cable must be carefully and expertly installed to realize its full potential. Lisa Bechtold, Berk-Tek Inc. 


That is why our team of expert engineers and professionals have gone through specialised trainings, and with particular experiences in handling this sub-field of telecommunications services, they are guaranteed to to complete every assigned tasks most efficiently.  



Fixed-location transciever, or base stations, are crucial parts of the cellular network system which connect millions of users across the World. The very network that ever-growingly dominate the lives of an increasing number of people today. 


Despite the large common ground of knowledge that permit the installation, and matinenance, of a standard base station - each component that complete a station is unique to its model and manufacturer. The delicacy of this may cause unnecessary issues which slow down, or completely hinder the success of an installation.  


We believe the handling of such impactful element deserve the best care and attention from our expert team of experienced telecommunications engineers. The team that is trusted by some of Thailand's largest cellular service providers. 




An average office worker would spends the majority of his/her weekdays in the office, and therefore, we believe that a strong and efficient building which provide a colourful, and joyous atmosphere for is an essential physical foundation for any businesses that aim to operate with maximum capability.


Our engineers are commited to materialise your that perfect workplace which immaculately combine the business and comfort to create the environment to encourage creativity and boost productivity, all and economical. 


Be it a shopping centre, home office, or state of the art work space, we are flexible, and ready to provide the right solution that suit your needs and budget.


Although humans are social animals, we all do appreciate the alone-time: when we can sit back and delve into our inner most thoughts and emotion, and where is better to do that than inside the comfort of your own home? We are able to provided this perfect environment for you, and the ones you love. 


Choose us not because your home will be beautiful, but choose us because it will be the beauty that last. Building a home is a worthy achievement that deserve to be cherised for years, and decades.


Our buildings are strong, and enduring. We promise to deliver this comforting, and cozy trophy of your success unscathed to you, and the generations of your family in the many years to come  




People may learn your title and business name from the business card, but what will truly strikes your clients and partners for an impression would be the building where you work!  


A strategically designed building does not only warrant the status of your company - and of course the visionary of its owner - as it can very well be a lifesaver for your financial issue in regards to all those pesky utilities bills vigorously inflating your operating fixed costs. Coupling with our engineering teams, the architects are able visualise a stately and dignified building which are equally eco-friendly, and enery efficient. 


No place is more welcoming than your own home, it is the place where you can retire in comfort after a busy day and replenish your spent energy on lazy sundays. We realise that it would be far-fetched to promise the warmth of a family, but we strive to create the home for you, that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the heart.


Trust our team of architects to help you illustrate the perfect place for you and your loved ones. Remember when you're with us, that you are here to realise your dream, be it a medieval castle, or a pillows fort.





KEG has been working very closely with other agencies and enterprises to ensure an efficient, and stable opration of Thailand public electrical grid. Whilst not being a public company ourselves, our branch of electrical engineers aim to construct and maintain the power grid that consistently keep up to the international standard. 


We're involved with the installation and commissioning of rectifiers, and the construction of various power station, nationwide. 


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